Bring Your Promising Future Within Reach

In many ways, Thomas College reflects the character of our students. Students, faculty, and staff are energetic and inventive, yet unassuming, personable, and hard-working. Like our students, we’re intently focused on all that tomorrow holds in store.

Today, along the banks of the Kennebec River in Waterville, Maine, we’re building upon our foundation as “Maine’s business school”. We offer education and liberal arts degrees with the same high standards, desirability, and value. We’re adding chapters to our storied history by helping students create bold, new futures filled with promise and possibility.

Thomas College is a friendly, welcoming family where education is more intimate, experiences are more personal, and everyone knows one another by name. It’s a place where every student can thrive in a close-knit setting with small classes.

Thomas College is a safe, serene sanctuary where preparation for tomorrow means making the most of the here and now. Athletic, academic, and on-campus living experiences cultivate a rich, immersive college life. Just beyond campus, hiking, fishing, rafting and skiing fill four seasons with natural wonder and adventure.

Thomas College is a launching pad where undergraduates and graduates unashamedly reach for the stars with every expectation of getting there. Clear, career focus with emphasis on business, innovation, and technology in every field of study lead the way in real-world skills for real-world success. And because success can take many forms, we celebrate the student who successfully raises a family or gives back in service to our communities in equal measure to the C-Suite executive who successfully leads a company and fuels job growth in our communities.

For many everyday students and working adults seeking undergraduate or graduate degrees, college is impractical, if not impossible. But scholarships and financial aid make Thomas College especially affordable. Online classes and shorter terms make graduate school especially flexible. The value of a Thomas College degree is further enhanced by the Guaranteed Job Program, credentialing programs, and innovative accelerated programs that can mean finishing faster and with considerably less expense.

At a time when college degrees are becoming more expensive, more exclusive, and hidden away by more and more barriers, too many opportunities are lost; too many dreams are left on hold. At Thomas College, it’s not about barriers that will hinder students but the doors that we will help open before them.

If you’re a student, if you’re a working professional: why not dream bigger? Why not aim higher? Why not endeavor to be your best and accomplish more than you ever thought possible? Because at Thomas College, you can get a degree. You can achieve success. You can take that next step.